Stairs are built in several shapes, the most common of these are:

  • Straight
  • U-shaped
  • Curved
  • Spiral


Stairs are also built using a number of materials, including:

  • MDF - for coverings such as carpet or tiles. 
  • Solid timber - for an instant look of sophistication.
  • Metal - this is usually for outdoor / fire safe stairs but there have been recent trends, particually in spiral stairways, towards a metal stair structure with solid timber treads.


Straight Stairs

Straight stairs may span a single floor level or go up multiple levels they may angle straight down or turn in the centre with a small landing if desired. 

U Shaped Stairs

U Shaped stairs have a straight flight followed by a winder, a landing, another winder and another straight flight which create the "U" shaped appearance.

Curved Stairs

Blackforest Joinery prides itself on attention to detail and our beautiful curved joinery and our ability to create matching shaped handrails that leave no unsightly joins, create stairs with flawless finishes.

Solid Timber Stairs

We use a variety of timbers which are suitable for creating quality solid timber stairs that match your home and your personality. Timbers may be varnished with varying levels of gloss and treads may be rounded or squared off as desired. Some solid timber stairs have a carpet runner down the centre.

MDF Stairs

MDF stairs are prepared raw ready for coverings such as carpet, this can be a more economical option for some people.